eightysix imaging

eightysix Imaging provides bespoke photographic services by UK based photographer Owen Davies.

Owen is an AOP member photographer and is head of creative for web-based retailer Xupes. His photography has been used in advertisements published in The New Statesman and the Rolls Royce Owner’s Club Manual. He has also had editorial work featured on prominent luxury watch website aBlogtoWatch.

Owen also shoots events for London based music organisations including Lyrix Organix and Music Is Remedy.

In his spare time, Owen enjoys shooting landscape, architectural and street photography in both digital and film formats.

Prints of series of work are available via The Printspace's Hub service. Please click the Order Prints link in the menu to find out more. 

If you would like to enquire about commissions or hiring eightysix Imaging for your photographic needs, please click here.

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